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The team behind Deftpower has great ideas for improving electric car charging and draws on more than a decade of experience in the EV charging world to make them a reality. Together, they are rapidly building the industry's most advanced technology platform that recalibrates EV drivers, their cars, charging stations and the power grid into a new metaverse.

Less than a year after our launch, we are already getting a lot of interest from customers all over Europe. They all see that the future of mobility and energy is electric. One where everything is integrated, and everyone can participate. We believe that this market should grow rapidly and that with the right support, customers and their electric car drivers can be happier. Companies can be more profitable and society cleaner. 


the founders

meet the team

  • Jacob van Zonneveld CEO

  • Marc Diks COO

  • Remco Tjeerdsma CTO

why working at Deftpower

The founder team of Deftpower knows how to get a company from zero to one and how to create structure out of chaos. Marc Diks, Jacob van Zonneveld and Remco Tjeerdsma have a long track record in e-mobility and in that time have built up well-known names such as Plugsurfing and Allego. 

In recent years it has become clear that the world needs to manage energy production and consumption in a much better way. There may be a turnaround in powering vehicles by renewable energy, in addition to, for example, cycling more often. 

The founders of Deftpower are contributing to an urgently needed transition by using state-of-the-art software and business practices. They welcome anyone who wants to ride along.

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